Travel is a pleasure with a leisurely cruise

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has taken its toll on people in many ways. Like those in the Travel industry, many people have lost jobs or struggled to keep their businesses afloat and stress has been the order of the day.

Thankfully with our move to level one, albeit with many regulations to adhere to, we can once again travel fairly extensively. This is a blessing of course to the travel industry, but also to those who really need to simply indulge in a stress-free getaway.

Why a leisure cruise is a pleasure cruise

I have been reading some interesting material on the many reasons that taking a leisurely ocean cruise, something we will soon be able to freely do again, is not only a great stress reliever but has several other benefits, so I thought it may be worth sharing…

Cruising with the family

Firstly, a multigenerational cruise is such a fabulous way to marry the gap of being able to go on holiday with your folks and your children. During the pandemic, many have gotten closer to their children and want to now share a family vacation – and conversely many have been separated from parents or other family members and want a special get together.

The hassles, however, of planning activities, meals and entertainment etc. for all these people can be quite exhausting, but once you are on a cruise liner it is like a world of vacations in one with everything provided. There is something for everyone and everyone can pretty much ‘do their own thing.’


There is also quite a misconception about cruises being enormously expensive, but when you consider what is contained in one cruise package fee, you begin to realise they are actually generally more affordable. Remember you only unpack once (a pleasure in itself) and there are no travel fees to different venues, extras for meals in restaurants and the kind of entertainment that could really add to the bill in a normal vacation experience.

There are practically no holidays you can take, especially with a whole family, where you can simply settle down and start to relax. Everything is done for you. No cooking, cleaning or looking for things for people to do. Like a good spa, it relieves stress instantly – and like no other vacation experience.

Is it safe?

2 of the largest cruise lines sailing from the Caribbean and Norway (where the largest contingent of sailing passengers travel from) have been working on collective safety protocols which they have now shared with the US centre for Disease Control.

The safety protocols are stringent and include five areas of focus to ensure, like visiting any top-class hotel, cruise liners will be very safe to travel on.

The first area of focus includes ensuring that all passengers are COVID-19 free by testing, screening (like the taking of temperatures) and also minimising the potential areas of exposure. The second is to ensure rigid cleaning and sanitation as well as good ventilation in all areas of the vessel. Thirdly, trained medical staff and facilities are on board and there are plans in place to immediately execute any emergency contingencies.

On the broader scale, TMCs are brought into the picture with controlled destination and excursion planning – and finally, risks to all crew members are minimised through rigid protocols.

Time to let go

It’s good to be writing at last about some good news, and being an eternal optimist, I will continue to do so. Business travel too will eventually return to its former status, but for now let’s just reward our resilience and enjoy the passing of the storm with a wonderful, stress-free cruise in calm waters. Continue to be safe – and always be positive!LIDIA FOLLI



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