Travel Advisors are essential to travel peace of mind!

Travel Advisors are essential to travel peace of mind!

In many of my articles, I have spoken about the importance of Travel Advisors and the helpful role that they play in assisting travellers to have a more seamless travel experience. In recent months however, I have realised that with the level of dysfunctionality, lack of organisation and co-ordination currently being experienced in many spheres of international travel, the role that these Travel Advisors play is essential to travel peace of mind. 

The kind of disruptions taking place, particularly with international air travel is quite alarming. Just last week French air traffic controllers were on strike which meant that a plane could not even enter their airspace at the time. One can only imagine the kind of chaos that this causes with diverted flights, cancelled flights and passengers agendas being totally disrupted. Europe in general is still dealing with striking in many quarters and the baggage handling and baggage loss and misdirection on many international flights is still rampant. This might not seem to be so bad if passengers could get immediate assistance and empathy from the Airlines themselves but in most cases, they don’t communicate well with their passengers – or come up with solutions. 


Advisors to the rescue 

These are typical examples of where you really want to have a Travel Professional that you can be constantly in touch with and reach out to for immediate assistance. You need someone to be able to look to for support – so vital when you are feeling as vulnerable as you invariably are in such circumstances. So this is the first area that Travel Advisors can be so essential – in dealing with any issues or complications that arise during your trip. It’s at this point that you may be regretting having arranged everything online without the support of a Travel Agent and now having nobody to turn to!

Further to just providing moral support and a friendly voice to talk to, your Travel Advisor can assist you with changing your itinerary, rebooking flights, resolving accommodation issues, or dealing with unforeseen circumstances. This added support can bring what you need most right when disaster strikes – peace of mind – especially when travelling to unfamiliar destinations.

Before you go 

As I’ve said in so many of my writings the best way to avoid travel issues is to be well prepared and advised. Travel Professionals are often aware of issues that are looming and can advise you to avoid certain flights, airlines and of course destinations where political or travel disputes are brewing. You also want to be sure that you have good travel insurance and protection. Travel agents can help you navigate travel insurance options and provide recommendations on the coverage that best suits your needs and your pocket. They can explain the terms and conditions of policies, ensuring you have the necessary protection in case of emergencies, trip cancellations, or medical situations while you’re en-route. Let’s not forget Visas too and some of the quirks of countries regarding visas that you may not be aware of. For example, in the UK you need a transit visa even if you don’t leave the airport when going into Ireland! 

Another vital aspect is the time that Travel Professionals can save you in the preparation for a trip. Planning a trip can be time-consuming, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the destination or if you have a complex itinerary. Travel agents can save you the time of conducting all the necessary research, booking arrangements, and logistics required for a seamless travel experience. They can streamline the process and ensure that all necessary reservations, such as flights, accommodations, transfers, and activities, are taken care of efficiently and most importantly advise you on medical requirements too, like vaccinations for certain diseases required in some countries.

Take it from this seasoned traveller

Believe me, it is not because I am in the travel business that I espouse the great benefits of Travel Professionals and TMCs but because as a seasoned traveller, I myself have often been in situations where I have been eternally grateful for the support and comfort that they provide. I am also extremely proud that after what these stalwarts had to endure through the COVID-19 pandemic they are still so professional and so essential to their client’s peace of mind. That’s what I call coming through with (excuse the pun) flying colours!



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