Rwanda becomes India’s 21st air bubble partner

Rwanda becomes India’s 21st air bubble partner

Rwanda has become the 21st country with which India has now entered into an air bubble arrangement. The carriers of the two countries are now permitted to operate flights between India and Rwanda.

Stranded nationals or residents of Rwanda, foreign nationals destined for Africa and transiting through Rwanda or spouses of these persons, whether accompanying or otherwise can fly from India to Rwanda. Indian nationals or nationals of Nepal or Bhutan destined for any country in Africa and holding a valid visa for the destination country would also be allowed to fly out.

However, it would be for the airlines concerned to ensure that there is no travel restriction for Indian, Nepalese, or Bhutanese nationals to enter the destination country with the particular visa category before issue of ticket or boarding pass to the passengers.

Also, seamen of foreign nationalities and seamen holding Indian passports would be allowed subject to clearance from the Ministry of Shipping. Such seamen should be destined to countries of Africa only.

Passengers travelling on flights from India to Rwanda should be destined for African countries only. Similarly, only passengers originating from countries in Africa should be allowed to travel on flights from Rwanda to India. Last week, India had announced air travel bubbles with the Netherlands and Tanzania.

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