Travel Connections

For more than 29 years, Travel Connections has built up business expertise to provide quality services and innovation that exceeds our customers’ expectations. We have a solid track record of stability, commitment and exceptionally high standards of service.

Focused on both corporate and leisure clients, Travel Connections is a specialist leisure travel agency offering affordable airfares, accommodation, tours, cruising, discounted holiday packages, visa and foreign exchange advice.

Our passion for the travel industry combined with our dedication to service, inspires us to deliver extraordinary travel management. To this end, the firm has been selected to represent a global high touch TMC partnership through Reed & Mackay for the South African Region. This enables our clients to benefit from international partnerships, global best practises, best pricing and consolidation of global accounts.

Travel Connections is your complete, personalised, and value-added travel services provide helping clients create unique and memorable travel experiences.


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