Is the romance of travel still alive for you?

We are celebrating the month of love and romance when young lovers seek new liaisons, some women pop the question on Valentine’s day and even those who have been in long-time relationships get a chance to rekindle their undying affection for one another. It is a good time and one that had me reflecting this year on my own love affair with travel, how much it has been refreshed since the dark days of COVID and wondering ‘’is the romance of travel still alive for you?”

The travel/traveller break-up!

I also started thinking about the great similarities between travel and romantic relationships, especially since we had to endure the pandemic and wondered how many people’s love of travel would have been affected by this. Let’s face it, if you were someone like me with a passion for travel, COVID was like an unexpected, devastating break-up and one that seemed to be impossible to overcome. Of course, just as in any love affair, this absence would have caused many people to harden their hearts to travel, especially when the after-effects of COVID on travel kicked in like heavy document protocol and baggage handling issues – they might well have just thrown up their hands and said “well this just isn’t fun anymore!”.

I, on the contrary, saw this as a period of absence making the heart grow fonder and when we were finally free to explore the world again, just like the rekindling of a great romance I couldn’t wait to spread my wings and fall in love with travel all over again. Judging by the amazing comeback that the industry has had in a much shorter-than-expected time, it appears there are also many others in whom the wanderlust will always remain alive!

Travel is Cupid’s arrow! 

Then we should remember that travel in itself is a great way to improve and nurture romantic relationships. Once we get past the protocol and minor discomforts, just experiencing new places and new things is a wonderful way to feel closer to each other – not to mention getting some free time to experience each other in a whole new way.

I love a comment from one travel writer who said “Whether you and your partner are seeking out a romantic trip to celebrate a relationship milestone or an unconventional adventure that’s on both of your bucket lists, let yourself truly open up on your next trip. Regardless of whether your relationship is in its infancy or you have 20 years of marriage under your belt, there is always a way to share something new with your love — especially when you’re travelling together”. This resonates with me and I urge anyone who has not thought of travel itself as being romantic to remember that there is nothing better to spice up a relationship that is getting stale and boring.

The destination is the reward

Some business travellers may be thinking, yes this is all very well, but I just want to get there and do my job, there’s nothing romantic about that. Frankly, I don’t agree and believe it is a state of mind that turns travel into a romance. I travel almost non-stop in my position, but still enjoy the lift and thrust of the aircraft as it takes to the skies. The time to reflect, be at peace and be pampered by an attentive cabin crew. Then when landing, like any married couple has to navigate some stormy seas, just handle the protocol, queues and delays by keeping the destination in mind.

The destination is the final reward that keeps your romance, and a romance with travel, alive. There’s so much to see, do and experience – when this is in your blood it is a love affair for life – so to all the romantics everywhere – Bon Voyage – and keep the wanderlust alive!LIDIA FOLLI



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