In Fitter, Happier, Richer times! Positive effects of COVID-19 lockdown

In Fitter, Happier, Richer times! Positive effects of COVID-19 lockdown

Lockdown has made Brits more likely to get active, save money, feel calmer and book an annual UK staycation, new research has found. The survey, carried out by caravan insurance specialist, Ripe Insurance, questioned 1,000 UK consumers about how lockdown and subsequent restrictions have altered their habits – both now and in the future.

The research revealed that almost half (46%) of Brits have booked a staycation for summer 2020, with only 10% saying they are planning a holiday to Europe. A further 36% of staycation-sceptic respondents said they will now book an annual UK trip when they previously would only go abroad. This comes amidst an atmosphere of uncertainty with regards to European holidays, following 14-day self-isolation rules being implemented for UK travellers returning from Spain.

The findings also showed that lockdown restrictions will boost the UK economy, while also helping cash-strapped Brits make savings. The past few months have also clearly made consumers reflect on the impact travel has on their mental wellbeing. One in three respondents said they have enjoyed the slower pace of life under lockdown and want their next holiday to reflect that. Furthermore, 37% of people said that they now feel more conscious of how their travel habits impact their local community – and others across the UK.

Lastly, opting for a UK break means that Brits are more likely to try a new activity this summer. When asked what they’re most likely to try, paddle boarding topped the list, followed by archery, surfing and rock climbing. Here are the top 10 staycation activities respondents said they’d like to try:

John Woosey, founder and managing director of Ripe Insurance, commented: “Perhaps most encouraging amongst these findings is that consumers, who may have previously been unaware of the charms of the British coast and countryside, now plan to make more of what they have to offer. Given the downturn experienced by the UK tourism industry over the past few months, this silver lining will definitely be welcomed.”

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