How to choose the right SEO agency for the travel industry?

How to choose the right SEO agency for the travel industry?

Are you an SEO reseller looking for SEO service for the travel industry with a confused vision? Or are you an online business owner looking for the same? 

We are sure you have questions in your mind at the moment. These Travel SEO related questions are why do you need travel search engine optimization? Will it work for you or not? Will it cost you a lot or not? 

Almost every online business goes through this difficult phase of switching. Even it is hard for an SEO reseller to find the right travel SEO agency. 

In this post, we will take you through the whole process. There are four steps to go through if you want to choose the right travel SEO agency. 

Four steps in this post will be as follow:

  • STEP 1: Understanding travel SEO.
  • STEP 2: Knowing Your Requirements.
  • STEP 3:  Finding The Top Agencies.
  • STEP 4: Making Final Decision.

STEP 1: Understand Travel SEO

Before you start looking for an SEO agency for your travel website, you have to know more about it. It is the first step to find travel SEO. It will make it clear in your mind that a travel SEO is required for you or not. It is good to know it as an SEO reseller also.

Travel SEO

It is very simple to understand. SEO service for the travel industry is specially made for big companies or travels. Travel SEO has more capability than a small SEO agency. 

Features That Make Travel SEO Different

Following are some features that make it clear why travel SEO is different from small SEO agencies. See the difference between travel SEO and small business SEO services.

  • Scalability

travel SEO can be easily scalable according to the business requirement. Small SEO agencies can become SEO resellers if they cannot provide service to the travel industry. 

  • Automation

A travel SEO service will set daily and basic tasks on automation. It saves time and money.

  • ORM (Online Reputation Management)

A travel website needs a business with a positive reputation online.

  • Deep Keyword Research/Target

Along with basic keywords, travel SEO provides location-based keywords, transactional keywords, and much more. 

  • Capability To Start From Scratch

From content creation to optimization and from web page creation to social media. travel SEO service can start anything from zero.

  • Deep Structural Changes

travel SEO can do structural changes to thousands of pages of websites.

STEP 2: Figure Out Your Requirements

Now you know what are the features of a travel SEO service. Now it is time to figure out your requirements. Let’s start with step 2.

As an SEO reseller or an online business owner, your requirements can differ from others. But we have listed some basic requirements.

  • Small Agencies Not Working

You need travel SEO If small SEO agencies are not working for you.

  • Can’t Afford In House SEO Team

For big SEO campaigns you need a team, but you cannot afford an in-house SEO team. Then you can hire a travel SEO service.

  • Website Or Business Growing

Your business is growing rapidly, and you need to scale your SEO strategies accordingly.

  • Changing The Complete Structure

You or your clients (if you are an SEO reseller) need to optimize the web pages at the backend. 

  • Increasing Competition

If competition is increasing in your business segment, you need travel SEO.

  • A Drop In Sales

A huge drop in sales may push you to get travel SEO.

  • Organic Brand Image

Building brand image organically without PPC is only possible with travel SEO.

  • Updating Techniques

SEO techniques change quickly. If you need to update everything on your site according to it, then hire a travel SEO agency. 

STEP 3: Look Out For The Best

Now let’s start finding the best travel SEO for you. Always keep in mind your goals. As an SEO reseller, you need to travel SEO for your travel clients. As a traveler, you need it for you. But the goal is always the same, to get more traffic. Let’s go ahead.

Make A List Of travel SEO Agencies

First of all, make a list of travel SEO agencies. You can try to search online for the top ten agencies list. Also, you can ask one of your friends using travel SEO already. 

Compare The Top Agencies

travel SEO agencies list ready? Now let’s compare the top agencies among them. You should compare everything about the agencies. For an idea, we recommend you to at least compare the below-mentioned credentials: 

  • Services

  • Experience

  • Pricing

  • Customer Support

  • Portfolio

STEP 4: The Final Step

Now we are in the final step. We know what travel SEO is, we know our requirements and we have the list of top agencies. Also, we have compared their services as an SEO reseller or online business. Now let’s start the final step. 

Communicate With Them

It has made it so easy to shortlist the agencies after comparison. The comparison will help you choose 2-4 agencies. Try not to pick more than 4 agencies. Now it’s time to communicate with them. Ask for their portfolio, previous clients’ success, or anything you require to inquire about their services. Try to ask them about the following three things, if required. 

  • Get Quotations Or Proposals

Get specific quotations or proposals for your travel SEO requirement.

  • Ask For Presentation

Ask all the travel agencies to give you a presentation about their service. 

  • Give Them Situations

Give them a specific situation like “how to revive a Google penalized website” or something more difficult. Ask them for answers, to see their psychology, approach, and capability.

Leave The Best, Choose Which Suits You

After all these steps, you will get the best travel agencies on your table. No matter if you are an SEO reseller or a travel, you can choose any travel SEO agency. But the matter is not that which agency is the best. The matter is, which agency is the best for your travel. So choose the one which suits your budget and requirement. Never force yourself to choose the world’s best agency, if it doesn’t suit your business travel.



Choosing a travel SEO is easy if you go through all the four steps above. Firstly, you need to know more about travel SEO and how it works. Secondly, find out your requirements as an SEO reseller or travel.

Now, compare the top travel SEO agencies and choose the best among them. It sounds simple, but it needs more effort. 

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