Hello RestoTuk! Geneva welcomes New Year with taxi restaurants

Hello RestoTuk! Geneva welcomes New Year with taxi restaurants

Geneva never fails to surprise its visitors, whether with landscapes, attractions, or experiences. This explains why the city captures the hearts of many travellers who come to enjoy the endless offerings. At every opportunity Geneva reinvents its surprises and present guests with something extraordinary, the latest being welcoming RestoTuk to its streets allowing dinners to enjoy their favourite restaurants while touring the alleys of the city’s fascinating districts.

Exploring Geneva on board the Tuk-tuk has always been a favourite for locals and tourists alike as it is an exciting way to admire the wonders of the city. To elevate the experience; a few vehicles were redesigned to fit tables that are devised to receive food and drinks as well as to absorb the different movements of the mobile Tuk-tuk. Teaming up with a list of restaurants travellers will have the opportunity to book their favourite tours and couple that with the food they love combining two of the best experiences in Geneva, the rich cuisine with the best city views, to have an experience like no other on board the RestoTuk.

To discover the beauty of Geneva with the RestoTuk a handful of tours are available and defined with different themes; watchmaking, attractions, and art, to mention a few. Booking ‘The Unavoidable’ tour will take travellers to the most famous places in Geneva such as the Jet d’Eau, the Flower Clock and the Reformers’ Wall in addition to other mythical parks and gardens like the Pearl of the Lake and Parc des Eaux-Vives. Each RestoTuk can host up to four guests and tours can be booked for 60 or 90 minutes while prices start from CHF 150 per vehicle in addition to the cost of the meals.

The international flair Geneva enjoys is reflected by the cuisine choices available on the RestoTuk. Diners can indulge in traditional Swiss dishes, Thai or Indian food, Greek cuisine and others. Guests only need to book this experience which is a feast for the eyes and taste buds and then choose their preferred dishes up to an hour before the time of the tour then embark on their journey which will imprint ever lasting memories in their minds.

Geneva has always been a preferred destination for travellers from the GCC. It comes as no surprise that it welcomes the highest number of visitors from this region compared to other parts of Switzerland. Its famous shopping streets, renowned history in watchmaking, chocolate museums and convenient location next to the Alps are all factors contributing to Geneva’s lovable offerings. With the RestoTuk on the streets, tourists can look forward to re-discovering the city in a new and usual way once travel is back in full swing.

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